Residential concrete contractors

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Residential concrete contractors

Are you experiencing cracks in your concrete surface, or is your concrete slab starting to sink? It is a regular appearance that over time concrete cracks or sinks when it starts to settle. We call ourselves the Concrete Experts. We are located in Calgary, Canada, and we are ready to help as residential concrete contractors. Likewise, we are specialized in concrete lifting and leveling. Furthermore, we use polyurethane concrete leveling foam to fix your concrete problems. If you are wondering what we can do for you, just request a free quote. Whether you need help with your driveway or your garage floor, we are your partner for your concrete repair.

What can we help you with

As residential concrete contractors, we can lift and stabilize different types of concrete surfaces. These are a few examples of our specialties:



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Garage floors

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Basement floors


Sidewalks & walkways

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Pool decks


Patios & porches

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What services do we offer

We offer different residential services. No matter what the problem is, we can fix it for you.

Concrete lifting and leveling

Our concrete lifting service lifts and evens sunken and cracked surfaces. We create a solid foundation with our lifting foam under the problematic area. We offer a cost-effective solution by repairing the concrete, instead of replacing it. Since we don’t have to remove or replace your existing concrete, there are no problems with finding a matching color to give the ”finishing” touch to the look of your concrete. You will not waste your valuable time by demolishing the concrete. Regarding the fact that we  lift the concrete, we do this without almost any tracing. You will be able to use and step on the surface again within just some hours. 

Void filling

Furthermore, we are your specialists for void filling. Older buildings, houses, and garages, for example, can sink and shift. This can be the cause of holes and voids. Our polyurethane foam will stabilize and secure the area and the foundation. As residential concrete contractors, we have the essential experience when it comes to void filling, and we can advise you on every area for the best approach for you to take.stabilize and secure the area and the foundation. As residential concrete contractors we have ample experience with void filling. And can advise you on the best plan of attack.

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