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 Concrete Sealing Calgary

Concrete Sealing: What is our expert opinion?

Concrete surfaces are naturally porous, which allows water and other contaminants to penetrate the surface. Sealing concrete upon installation and reapplying every 2-3 years provides the following benefits:

    • Protection: Decorative concrete surfaces, such as stamped or stained concrete, are often more vulnerable to wear and damage compared to plain concrete. Sealing provides a protective barrier that shields the surface from stains, fading, abrasion, and chemical damage. It helps prevent oil, grease, water, and other substances from penetrating the concrete, making it easier to clean and maintain.
    • Longevity: Sealing extends the lifespan of decorative concrete by preserving its appearance and structural integrity. It helps prevent cracking, spalling, and surface deterioration caused by moisture absorption, freeze-thaw cycles, and UV exposure. By reducing the potential for damage, sealing helps the decorative concrete retain its beauty and functionality over time.
    • Enhancing Aesthetics: Sealing enhances the visual appeal of decorative concrete. It can intensify the colors, enhance the patterns, and add a glossy or satin finish, depending on the desired look. Sealing also brings out the natural beauty of exposed aggregate or decorative elements in the concrete, making them more vibrant and visually appealing.
    • Ease of Maintenance: Sealed decorative concrete surfaces are easier to clean and maintain. The sealed surface repels stains and spills, allowing for easier removal of dirt, oil, and other contaminants. Regular maintenance, such as sweeping and occasional resealing, helps keep the decorative concrete looking fresh and well-maintained.

Overall, sealing decorative concrete provides protection, longevity, enhanced aesthetics, and ease of maintenance, allowing the surface to withstand daily use, environmental factors, and the test of time while preserving its intended decorative qualities.

Concrete Sealing Calgary

By choosing Concrete Sealing Calgary services from Concrete Experts, you will receive high performance protection of your driveway or sidewalk from the elements, as well as a beautiful finish of the surface. Sealing concrete renews the surface and extends its life, pushing back the high costs of concrete replacement.

  • Driveway Sealing Calgary will offer your driveway the lasting protection your wallet needs and appearance that will impress the neighbors.
  • Patio Sealing Calgary is an essential service for keeping your patio beautiful. The quality of your patio can have a surprising impact on the curb appeal of your home.



Concrete Sealing: What Products Do We Use?

Concrete Experts uses the best equipment, products, and processes to take care of your concrete, guaranteeing a proper installation every time. Let’s have a closer look at the details for concrete sealing:

  • Our PRO-POINT commercial pressure washers reach PSI 4000, which quickly remove caked-in dirt, tree sap, and other debris.
  • We use SURECRETE’s premium line of Silane Acrylic sealers. This includes the HS200 (20% Solids) and the HS300 (30% Solids) low VOC products. Why? These products combine the glossy look of acrylic sealers with the chemical penetrating qualities of silanes, which work together to provide longer-lasting appearance and protection for your driveway. And, with low VOC, this product is safer for our employees and the environment.
  • We also provide budget friendly sealing option! This is TK Bright Kure & Seal (25% Solids). This sealer provides the same beautiful, protective gloss layer of the HS200/300, only without silane qualities. This puts TK Bright Kure and Seal on-par with most sealers on the market, and is thus an accurate reflection of what most of our competitors use. Ask about our price match program!
  • With all our products, we offer an application warranty. This means that before you pay, you will have no missed spots, inconsistencies, or chemical overspray. When you call Concrete Experts, YOUR project becomes OUR project.

What About Oil and Rust Stains? Our skilled technicians can reduce or even eliminate your surface-level or even sealed in rust and oil stains! Talk to our sales team about our chemical treatments and dust-free sandblasting.



Driveway Sealing Calgary: Broom-Finished Concrete

For broom-finished concrete driveway sealing, we use a penetrating, water-based sealer that will increase the surface’s resistance to rapid freeze/thaw cycles, scaling/spalling, salts, and water absorption. The best part? The driveway sealing doesn’t change the surface appearance! You will notice that the concrete is now water-phobic!


What Else Can We Do to Protect Your Surface?

Anti-slip Additive: On highly sloped surfaces or flat, smooth concrete, it might be a good idea to request anti-slip additives in the sealer. This is a simple add on that can save some bumps and bruises.

Crack Fill: Through the winter, water may penetrate through cracks or pores in your concrete and freeze, which may create and/or expand cracks. Regular application of sealer can impede this process, but sometimes intervention is necessary. All exposed cracks larger than ⅛” should be treated.

Old Sealer Rejuvination: Perhaps you used a poor quality sealer last year, some chemicals were spilled on your concrete, or the winter was especially tough and now the wet look you love has faded, leaving the sealer looking cracked or milky in appearance. We can rejuvinate the surface, at a fraction of the cost of reapplication!

Excessive or Old Sealer Removal: Is the sealer on your concrete too thick, discolored, or filled with stuck-in debris? We can strip off that old sealer and apply a fresh coat to the concrete, giving it a brand-new look.

Missing Rocks in Aggregate Driveway (Spalling): Our skilled technicians can replace missing rocks in your aggregate concrete using high quality non-yellowing epoxy. While a perfect match is not guaranteed, this service goes a long way to make your concrete beautiful again!


Is Sealing Concrete a Green Choice?

Driveway sealing Calgary is a smart way to save the environment, in addition to saving you a lot of money in concrete replacement costs. Concrete is expected to last between 25 and 30 years. Restoring and maintaining existing concrete is essential to the life of that concrete, and can help it last even longer in some cases. This maintenance effort has a much lower environmental impact than replacing the concrete more frequently.


Concrete Sealing Calgary: Quality service

Concrete experts is your local expert for concrete sealing Calgary. All of our products and services come with our expert customer care and quality service guarantee. As a company, we have a reputation of transaction transparency, excellent communication, and integrity. We hope you will choose Concrete Experts Ltd for your concrete sealing needs and join our loyal client base. If you have any questions about sealing concrete or would like to receive a free quote, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help you with your concrete sealing needs.


Concrete Sealing Calgary FAQ’s:

First, you can trust Concrete Experts to live up to our name. We will always follow the highest and most current industry standards. Second, we provide an application warranty. All our products are installed according to supplier and manufacturer specifications. When you call Concrete Experts, your project becomes our project.

Over time (and especially over the winter), sealer wears down or fades. Typically, you should expect to reseal every 2-4 years. This life span depends on a mixture of factors: sun contact, salt/chemical use, abrasion, and traffic.

At Concrete Experts, we handle sealing projects of all sizes. Whether it is just your back patio or the whole street, our sales team will provide you with an estimate ASAP. Send dimensions and photos for an instant estimate or meet us on-site for a detailed assessment. In a city full of contractors, we will surprise you with our integrity and top-notch communication!


Yes! Sealing and maintaining concrete is much better for the environment than replacement. And, at Concrete Experts, we only use sealers that are compliant with environmental regulations.

The answer: it depends on the type of concrete, and what you are looking for. Some sealers provide simple water-proofing while others provide a decorative, glossy appearance. According to our research, the best environmentally-compliant sealers are Surecrete’s HS 200LV and 300LV sealers. Both products combine the decorative qualities of an acrylic overlay with the advanced chemical attributes of silanes to create a bond with concrete that outperforms other sealers on the market today.

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