Stamped Concrete Restoration

How it’s done:


Transform the unsightly scars on your concrete surfaces into a work of art with the magic of accent color. Say goodbye to the blemishes, cracks, and imperfections that mar your concrete, as we unveil a fresh, rejuvenated look. Applying accent color to damaged areas on concrete is the secret to concealing those flaws while adding an additional touch of personality and style.

The concrete accent coloring process is a simple yet effective method that involves selecting a complementary or contrasting color to the existing concrete. We will carefully apply the chosen accent color to the concrete, focusing on the damaged areas, seamlessly merging them with the existing concrete texture and appearance. Once the colour absorbs and fully dries, we will lock in the look with a clear coat of premium concrete sealer.

The end result is a flawless finish that not only hides imperfections but also adds depth and character to your concrete surfaces. With concrete accent coloring, you can transform dull and damaged concrete into a stunning focal point, making your space more inviting and visually appealing. Say hello to a world where imperfections become artistic features, and your concrete regains its beauty and charm.

If your stamped concrete is too damaged to recover, we can also replace it! Rest assured that whatever your budget, we can find a solution that works for you!





Charcoal Accent Colouring: Restoring Stamped Concrete

Did your original contractor mess up the colouring for your stamped concrete? Has your concrete lost it’s pop? Using an accent colour, and sandblasting if necessary, we can bring the luster back to your concrete!