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Looking for mudjacking in Calgary to level or lift your sunken concrete? Concrete Experts specializes in repairing cracked or sunken concrete, using a concrete leveling foam to enable the concrete lifting experts doing the best job. It is not necessary to replace your whole concrete, we will lift it for you. Our alternative to mudjacking in Calgary works for both sunken concrete driveways and patios as for stairs, sideways, and slab lifting. Also for larger commercial projects we are your professional partner.

How does concrete become uneven?

It’s widely understood that soil tends to settle, particularly around home foundations, as it can take several years for the ground to fully compact. In the case of new constructions, the soil beneath sidewalks, driveways, and patios is often not compacted adequately before these structures are installed. As a result, the soil may compact over time under natural weight, causing sinking concrete slabs along with it. Additionally, natural underground springs and inadequate drainage can lead to soil displacement, creating voids and further settling issues.

At Beyond Lifting, we utilize specialized foam products designed to either lift sinking concrete or, where feasible, fill the voids beneath the sinking concrete slabs before it begins to lead to complications. As a concrete lifting company, we’re experts in elevating sinking concrete and slab lifting ensuring your concrete installations are stable and level.


Mudjacking Calgary or concrete lifting and leveling?

Over time patios, concrete slabs, sidewalks, driveways and for example concrete steps can sink or crack. Which results in uneven and sunken concrete surfaces. This is not only unsightly, it can also cause a tripping hazard. That’s why you need our concrete lifting expertise. Traditionally mudjacking is the process to repair this problem. A mix of cement is being pumped under the settling slab. Nowadays you can also choose a specialist that uses concrete lifting foam. This is a fast, effective and less invasive way for concrete leveling and slab lifting. If you want to find out what we can do for you, just call us or send us a message to get a free quote.


Definitive solution of concrete jacking Calgary

Mudjacking is normally a temporary solution. Over time, it is likely that the soil below will settle again. So you will have to call a contractor over and over again to get the same problem fixed. You can also choose a solution that fixes your problem once and for all. By using concrete lifting foam, called polyurethane foam. We are your specialised, trusted contractor to lift concrete. Since we work from our office in Calgary, we can know the (weather) influences that you face and can offer a solution that works. Also over a longer period of time!


Concrete Experts – Your Premier Choice for Mudjacking in Calgary

Concrete Experts’ comprehensive experience in handling projects as diverse as driveways, uneven concrete, patios, stairs, and large commercial undertakings gives us an advantage in solving uneven concrete issues. Thanks to our commitment to exceptional workmanship and customer service, we have become a reliable choice for mudjacking in Calgary.

Mudjacking vs Concrete Lifting Foam

In the realm of foundational repairs, mudjacking has long been the traditional method, where a dense mixture of cement is pumped beneath a subsiding concrete slab lifting and stabilizing it. However, our innovative approach in the commercial concrete lifting industry pivots towards a more advanced and efficient solution—utilizing polyurethane foam, a substance renowned for its resilience and adaptability. This foam, integral to the spray foam insulation sector, serves as a cornerstone in our modernized technique, providing a robust and less invasive alternative to conventional methods.

Polyurethane foam sets the standard for excellence, offering swift application, remarkable efficiency, and minimal environmental footprint. Its adoption has surged, thanks to its rapid curing time and its ability to impart long-lasting stability to the underlying soil, effectively addressing the root cause of soil settlement without the need for repetitive interventions. This attribute alone makes it a preferable choice over the repeated hassle and expense associated with traditional mudjacking.

As Calgary’s premier concrete leveling contractor, our expertise extends beyond mere application. We possess a deep understanding of the unique geological and environmental conditions prevalent in the region. This knowledge allows us to tailor our solutions specifically to each area within Calgary, ensuring that our interventions are not only effective but also enduring.

Incorporating polyurethane foam into our repertoire not only aligns with the latest advancements in the concrete lifting industry but also represents a significant leap towards sustainable practice. Unlike the more intrusive concrete replacement methods, which often involve extensive excavation and construction, our foam-based technique offers a minimally disruptive alternative. It guarantees the integrity of your concrete slab while providing a solution that stands the test of time.

Choosing our services means opting for a company that stands at the forefront of innovation in concrete lifting. We are committed to delivering superior results that go beyond temporary fixes, offering a comprehensive solution that addresses the underlying issues of soil instability and concrete settlement. With our polyurethane foam-based approach, your property is in skilled hands, ensuring safety, aesthetic appeal, and structural longevity.

Our process of lifting concrete lifting trough mudjacking

Engaging with our concrete lifting company for your project is a hassle-free process for both the property owner and us.

Initially, a visit to your site by one of our adept concrete technicians is arranged. During this visit, they conduct a thorough assessment of your project, capturing photographs and taking precise measurements of the concrete pads in need of levelling. This step ensures that we provide you with an accurate estimate.

Following the collection of all necessary information, we promptly send you a detailed quote via email. Once you approve our quote, either through our online portal or by responding to our email, we proceed to schedule your project.

Our team of professional installers will then carry out the slab jacking process, expertly lifting concrete and levelling the pads, thereby enhancing the safety and appearance of your property. The entire process is designed to be seamless and efficient.

To begin, we encourage you to request a quote by submitting your information in the form provided below. We will then contact you to arrange a suitable time for your project. With our expertise in concrete levelling and lifting concrete, we’re committed to making your property look its best again.

The Concrete Experts’ Commitment

The mission at Concrete Lifting Calgary Solutions Inc is to deliver an unparalleled customer experience, and the positive reviews from our clients demonstrate this fact. Additionally, HMI-certified polyurethane concrete lifting foam demonstrates our dedication to quality for repairing sinking concrete.

Check out our before and after section for an idea of the transformations we achieve, along with competitive pricing that makes us the go-to option when considering how much mudjacking costs in Calgary.


Why choose Concrete Experts for Mudjacking Calgary?

We recommend polyurethane

We recommend the use of a foam to lift concrete over mudjacking since it has many benefits. Find out all about it on our blog.

We offer competitive pricing

In general uneven concrete lifting is less expensive that mudjacking or replacing the concrete

We work to have satisfied customers

We work for you and want you to be happy with the result. Have a look at the reviews from happy customers that worked with us before.

We work with a certified product

Our polyurethane lifting concrete foam is certified by HMI and a top-quality product.

Also, have a look at our ´before and after´ page, where you can see the work we do for yourself.

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