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Looking for mudjacking in Calgary to level or lift your sunken concrete? Concrete Experts specializes in repairing cracked or sunken concrete, using a concrete leveling foam. It is not necessary to replace your whole concrete, we will lift it for you. Our alternative to mudjacking in Calgary works for both driveways and patios as for stairs and sideways. Also for larger commercial projects we are your professional partner.

Mudjacking Calgary or concrete lifting and leveling?

Over time patios, sidewalks, driveways and for example concrete steps can sink or crack. Which results in uneven surfaces. This is not only unsightly, it can also cause a tripping hazard. Traditionally mudjacking is the process to repair this problem. A mix of cement is being pumped under the settling slab. Nowadays you can also choose a specialist that uses concrete lifting foam. This is a fast, effective and less invasive way for concrete leveling. If you want to find out what we can do for you, just call us or send us a message to get a free quote.

Definitive solution

Mudjacking is normally a temporary solution. Over time, it is likely that the soil below will settle again. So you will have to call a contractor over and over again to get the same problem fixed. You can also choose a solution that fixes your problem once and for all. By using concrete lifting foam. We are your specialised, trusted concrete leveling contractor. Since we work from our office in Calgary, we can know the (weather) influences that you face and can offer a solution that works. Also over a longer period of time!

Why choose Concrete Experts for Mudjacking Calgary?

We recommend polyurethane

We recommend the use of a concrete lifting foam over mudjacking since it has many benefits. Find out all about it on our blog.

We offer competitive pricing

In general concrete lifting is less expensive that mudjacking or replacing the concrete

We work to have satisfied customers

We work for you and want you to be happy with the result. Have a look at the reviews from happy customers that worked with us before.

We work with a certified product

Our polyurethane concrete lifting foam is certified by HMI and a top-quality product.

Also, have a look at our ´before and after´ page, where you can see the work we do for yourself.

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