Void Filling with Fill Foam

How it works:

At Concrete Experts, we employ cutting-edge and environmentally-friendly solutions for your concrete void fill. Our use of Fill Foam stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. For addressing the challenge of void fill beneath concrete, we employ a meticulous approach:

      1. Through precision drilling, we strategically create access points to the voids.
      2. Our skilled technicians then expertly inject Fill Foam into these drilled holes. As the foam expands, it seamlessly fills every inch of the void, creating a stable and durable foundation.
      3. Before leaving, we will fill all the holes we drilled, and clean up any foam remnants. The Fill Foam will reach load-bearing capacity within 1 day.

This method not only ensures a thorough and reliable void-fill but also contributes to enhanced structural integrity. Concrete Experts, with its proficiency in utilizing Fill Foam technology, delivers solutions that go beyond surface-level, reinforcing your concrete with precision and expertise.


Fill Foam Environmental Impact:

FillFoam™ is an organic resin-blown foam, primarily composed of nitrogen, an environmentally harmless gas. Lightweight, durable, and environmentally friendly, FillFoam™ is developed by combining air, resin, and hardener. The polymerization reaction between the resin and hardener creates an inert foam, with water being the only by-product.

Compared to alternatives, FillFoam™ offers less invasive installation, stabilizing concrete without excavation and redirecting natural water flow. It can absorb and retain water, supporting plant growth and increasing watering efficiency. Tested and proven safe for drinking water use, FillFoam™ has undergone rigorous assessments, university studies, and municipal studies. Additionally, being transported as a concentrate reduces trucking and transport pollution.

FillFoam™ is a lightweight, environmentally safe foam that ensures faster installation, longer flow distances, and lower transport expenses. It remains crack-resistant, inert to water, and offers multiple formulas for various applications, making it a versatile and efficient solution.