Epoxy Flooring

How it’s done:

Revolutionize your space with the sleek and durable finish of Epoxy Floors from Concrete Experts. Our process begins with meticulous preparation, ensuring a solid foundation for your epoxy transformation. Through shotblasting and grinding, we enhance adhesion, creating an ideal surface for the epoxy application.

Any imperfections in the concrete are expertly addressed using a two-part repair gel, guaranteeing a flawless base. We then apply a two-part, 100% solids base color coat, setting the stage for a vibrant and long-lasting finish. To add a touch of customization, color chips are skillfully broadcasted onto the surface, creating a unique and slip-resistant finish.

The next day, the excess colour chips are scraped and removed. Your floor’s transformation continues with the application of a two-part, 100% solids Polyaspartic clear coat. This advanced coating not only enhances the color and texture but also provides UV resistance, making your epoxy floor fade-resistant and durable over time.

Why choose Concrete Experts for your Epoxy Floors?

  • Thorough Surface Preparation: Our shotblasting and grinding techniques ensure optimal adhesion and a smooth surface for epoxy application.
  • Precision Repairs: Imperfections are addressed with a two-part repair gel, ensuring a flawless and even base.
  • Vibrant Customization: The two-part, 100% solids base color coat provides a vibrant foundation, while color chips add a customized and textured finish.
  • Professional Application: Our skilled team ensures even chip distribution and precise application for a uniform and visually stunning result.
  • Durable Polyaspartic Finish: The two-part, 100% solids Polyaspartic clear coat not only enhances color but also provides UV resistance, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Benefits of Shotblasting, Polyaspartic, and Colour Catalogue

Concrete Experts takes pride in transforming spaces with Epoxy Floors that are not only visually appealing but also built to withstand the test of time. Trust our expertise for a transformative epoxy solution backed by a 10-year warranty. Elevate your space with Concrete Experts – where innovation meets excellence!