How it’s done:


Concrete sandblasting is the ideal solution for a wide range of projects, from exposed aggregate finishing, concrete staining, and more! With this technique, we propel abrasive particles at high velocity onto concrete surfaces, effectively removing unwanted coatings, smoothing imperfections, and ensuring an ideal surface for the next phase of your project.

At Concrete Experts, we prioritize safety, precision, and cleanliness. When you choose our services, you can expect a meticulously planned approach:

  • First, our team equips themselves and your home with the necessary protective gear. This usually means corrugated plastic on every nearby window, plywood fencing to protect passersby, and a breathing suit for our employees.
  • Before we begin sandblasting, we ensure the concrete surface is clear of loose materials and contaminants, guaranteeing optimal results.
  • Our skilled operators control the sandblasting process, adjusting pressure and abrasives to achieve the desired depth while expertly removing paint, rust, grime, or any other surface imperfections.
  • After the sandblasting process is complete, our commitment to cleanliness doesn’t waver. We take great care to collect and dispose of abrasive materials and debris in accordance with local regulations, preventing any environmental harm. The work area is thoroughly cleaned, leaving your space ready for the next phase of your project, whether it’s staining or a fresh coat of sealer.

At Concrete Experts, we take pride in offering high-quality concrete sandblasting services that not only meet but exceed your expectations. We bring a wealth of experience, dedication to safety, and a keen eye for detail to every project. Trust us to deliver outstanding results and a clean, polished concrete surface that sets the foundation for your project’s success.




Restoring Stamped Concrete

In both of the examples in this gallery, the original contractor went crazy with the stamp release powder, or didn’t remove enough of it before they sealed. This resulted in covering the concrete with dark blotches. After removing the excessive colour and old sealer, we can touch up the colour and seal the concrete just the way you want it!



Broom-finish Concrete to Exposed Aggregate

Has your broom finish concrete become damaged over time? Did your installer neglect to put a cure-and-seal on your concrete? In any case, we can hide damaged areas by transforming your concrete to a beautiful exposed aggregate finish!



Worried About Damage? We’ve Got You Covered!

We know windows and doors are expensive! That’s why we are committed to doing our utmost to protecting them from any damage. In some jobs, we spend more time setting up protection than actually blasting! Here’s photo-evidence of what to expect!