Concrete Crack Repair Calgary

Getting cracks in concrete fixed

When cracks appear in your concrete, they can cause injuries; not only to the foundation but also to the structural integrity. It’s important to get cracks repaired as soon as possible. At Concrete Experts we are here to help you. Whether you are looking for a specialist for your concrete driveway crack repair, for crack repair in a sidewalk, or a garage pad or basement, we are more than happy to fix the cracks.

Why does concrete crack?

With the years, cracks can appear in a concrete surface. How and why this happens? There are different reasons, like drying or shrinkage. And over time, when at first you see narrow concrete cracks, the cracks normally only widen more. We will specify some reasons cracked concrete appears.

For New Concrete:

  • Excess water in the concrete mix,
  • Concrete drying too fast,
  • Improper type of concrete used for the job, or
  • A lack of control joints in the slab.

At Concrete Experts, our seasoned installers follow all industry standard practices to ensure that we’ve done everything we can to prevent cracking.

For Older Concrete:

  • Cracks often form as a result of our climate. In Alberta, we often get more than 100 freeze thaw cycles per year! This means that any naturally occurring voids under the concrete will fill with water, freeze, and expand underneath the concrete, causing the concrete to flex and potentially crack.

No matter what kind of concrete crack repair you need, Concrete Experts has a solution for you! Concrete Experts is your specialist for concrete crack repair in Calgary and its surroundings.

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Should I repair concrete cracks?

When you notice a concrete crack, repair should be looked at as soon as possible. Quickly looking after any concrete crack repair makes sure that your commercial building, home, or garage doesn’t suffer any further loss of structural integrity.

  • Cracks can lead to significant maintenance costs in the future.
  • During our fall and spring freeze/thaw cycles, cracks can often expand as time goes by
  • Concrete cracks allow water to leak beneath the pad, which can make your concrete rise or sink unevenly!
  • Water going through the concrete should be avoided, especially near the foundation of your home.

Our Goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction

Our reputation ensures confidence as we have successfully repaired countless homes and buildings. We offer complete product details on our estimates and complete explanations about our process to our loyal customers. We enable you to make an informed choice when it comes to your projects.

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How can you repair cracks in concrete?

You must first clean the fracture and remove any loose debris before using a concrete repair compound to fill the crack. Cleaning the crack and removing any loose objects, such as dirt, dust, or weeds, should be your first step. Next, use a concrete cleaner to assist get rid of any stains or impurities from the crack. You can start filling the crack using a concrete repair product once it has been cleaned and allowed to dry. Make sure the crack is entirely filled in and that the repair compound’s surface is smooth so that it blends in with the surrounding concrete. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and let the repair compound cure. Depending on the product, this typically takes a few hours or perhaps a day.

Applying a sealant to the repaired area will help it fit in with the surrounding concrete and protect it once the repair material has dried and hardened.

Can cracked concrete be repaired?

Yes, concrete that has cracks in it can be fixed. Cracked concrete can be fixed in a number of ways, including by using epoxy resin and polyurethane sealants. The most effective way to fix a fracture in concrete will vary depending on the size and severity of the crack, its location, and its surroundings. Although it may occasionally be necessary to remove the damaged concrete and replace it, the majority of the time, cracks can be fixed using one of the aforementioned techniques. It is important to speak with a qualified contractor who has experience with this kind of work if you are unsure how to fix a crack in concrete.

Who can I contact to repair cracked concrete?

You can get in touch with a qualified contractor that specializes in this kind of work such as Concrete Experts. Concrete crack repair is a service that many general contractors, concrete repair businesses, and foundation repair businesses provide. Make sure to fully describe the issue when speaking with a contractor and request a written estimate of the cost of the necessary repairs.

How much is the cost for concrete crack repair?

The size and severity of the fracture, the type of material utilized for the repair, and whether you engage a professional to complete the work can all affect the cost of repairing a concrete crack. Small cracks may be repaired with a DIY concrete repair kit. Depending on the size and intricacy of the task, larger or more severe cracks would need professional repair, which can range in price from $100 to $1,000 or more. It is preferable to get a professional for an estimate if you are unsure of the price of fixing a crack in your concrete.

Can I repair cracks in the concrete myself?

Using a concrete repair kit, you may fix concrete cracks on your own. These kits normally include a bonding agent, patching material, and instructions along with everything you need to fill and fix cracks in concrete. Concrete cracks must first be completely cleaned before the repair material is applied in accordance with the kit’s instructions.It might be advisable to engage a professional to do the repair if you are unsure how to proceed.