Concrete Crack Repair Calgary

Getting cracks in concrete fixed

When cracks appear in your concrete, they can cause injuries; not only to the foundation but also to the structural integrity. It’s important to get cracks repaired as soon as possible. At Concrete Experts we are here to help you. Whether you are looking for a specialist for your concrete driveway crack repair, for crack repair in a sidewalk, or a garage pad or basement, we are more than happy to fix the cracks.

Why does concrete crack?

With the years, cracks can appear in a concrete surface. How and why this happens? There are different reasons, like drying or shrinkage. And over time, when at first you see narrow concrete cracks, the cracks normally only widen more. We will specify some reasons cracked concrete appears.

For New Concrete:

    • Excess water in the concrete mix,
    • Concrete drying too fast,
    • Improper type of concrete used for the job, or
    • A lack of control joints in the slab.

At Concrete Experts, our seasoned installers follow all industry standard practices to ensure that we’ve done everything we can to prevent cracking.

For Older Concrete:

    • Cracks often form as a result of our climate. In Alberta, we often get more than 100 freeze thaw cycles per year! This means that any naturally occurring voids under the concrete will fill with water, freeze, and expand underneath the concrete, causing the concrete to flex and potentially crack.

No matter what kind of concrete crack repair you need, Concrete Experts has a solution for you! Concrete Experts is your specialist for concrete crack repair in Calgary and its surroundings. 

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Should I repair concrete cracks?

When you notice a concrete crack, repair should be looked at as soon as possible. Quickly looking after any concrete crack repair makes sure that your commercial building, home, or garage doesn’t suffer any further loss of structural integrity.

    • Cracks can lead to significant maintenance costs in the future.
    • During our fall and spring freeze/thaw cycles, cracks can often expand as time goes by
    • Concrete cracks allow water to leak beneath the pad, which can make your concrete rise or sink unevenly!
    • Water going through the concrete should be avoided, especially near the foundation of your home.


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