California Broom Finish Concrete

California Broom vs Standard Broom Finish

California broom finish and standard broom finish are two closely related concrete finishes, each with its distinct qualities. Standard broom finish concrete is celebrated for its slip-resistant texture, making it an ideal choice for areas requiring safety, such as driveways and walkways. California broom finish, on the other hand, takes it a step further by introducing a slightly enhanced textured surface. With California Broom, the borders along the joints and edges are completely eliminated, making it a more modern looking alternative to standard broom finish while providing a more appealing appearance.

Both finishes share the advantages of cost-effectiveness, ease of maintenance, and suitability for outdoor applications. However, if you’re looking for a compromise between safety and aesthetics, California broom finish offers a middle ground that combines functionality with a touch of decorative appeal. The choice between these two finishes depends on the specific priorities of your project – safety and simplicity, or safety with a slightly enhanced visual element.




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