Driveway Sealing

 Driveway Sealing Calgary

Driveway Sealing


Driveway sealing is not just a luxury item! It is necessary to protect all your concrete, especially with our harsh Canadian winters. Driveway sealing goes a long way to extend the life of your concrete.



Why seal your entire driveway?

Driveways, more than any other concrete, are exposed to many damaging factors:

  1. First, there is UV damage from the sun. The daily presence of these rays will slowly cause UV radiation, which breaks down the polymers and other bond chains in the concrete itself, which may cause cracking or spalling, weakening the concrete.
  2. Second, in Alberta, we have more than 100 freeze/thaw cycles every year. In the winter, this means that there are more than 100 opportunities for water to seep into the pores and cracks in your driveway, freeze, and expand–causing cracks and spalling.
  3. Third, salt damage. Because most cities in Alberta use salt for keeping the roads clear of ice, it is nearly impossible to prevent salt from getting onto the driveway. The chemicals in the salt interact with the chemicals present in concrete, which can crack concrete on its own, as well as intensify the damage caused by freeze/thaw cycles.

Get The Most Out of Your Property

Just like we need to wear sunscreen when outdoors, your driveway needs protection from what it is exposed to. Driveway sealing with a quality sealer every 2-3 years is critical. This will keep the concrete looking great for years to come, as well as several other key benefits:

  • Enhanced curb appeal
  • Stain resistance
  • Mildew prevention

Driveway Sealing Calgary by Concrete Experts

If you are looking for a service provider that delivers on their promises, then you have found the right company to get into contact with. We are your driveway sealer in Calgary that provides you with a driveway sealing of high quality for your concrete driveway. We pride ourselves in our industry-leading surface preparation and product application, and hope you will allow us to fulfill your driveway sealing needs. Learn more about our sealing products and services here.