Concrete Driveway Repair Calgary

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Concrete driveway repair Calgary

Have you experienced cracks in your driveway lately, or do you notice parts of the concrete starting to sink? This can be a cause of hazards, such as difficulties with getting in or out of the garage, water pooling up at the driveway, and there is the possibility that water flows underneath the concrete and causes damage. When something like this occurs, it needs to get fixed. We as true professionals at Calgary Concrete Experts are ready to help you.

State of concrete driveways

Your driveway is important to you, it is the spot where you can part your car safely. So, the need for this part to be in good condition is fully understandable. Unfortunately, the climate in Calgary area can be harsh for your concrete driveways. The changes in temperature and other factors like snow can compromise the concrete. So, when you notice cracks in the concrete, or when you see sunken slabs, it is important to take action immediately. When you are looking to repair your driveway in Calgary, we offer a service that provides a suitable solution for your problems.

Concrete driveway repair Calgary

If you are experiencing problems with your driveway, you have two repairing solutions. Firstly, you can replace a concrete slab or do a complete resurfacing of your driveway, but this is an expensive one. Other than that it is also very time-consuming. But concrete repair or asphalt repair can be necessary in some cases.

Secondly, your concrete can also be lifted. This is the method that we use. We will drill small holes in the concrete and insert a special concrete lifting foam underneath. This ensures that the concrete will return to its original position. This method is faster than replacement, and it is also cheaper. Furthermore, it is a solution that is fully resistant to the often tough weather conditions in Calgary. Your driveway will be in good hands with us!

So if you’re in need of a specialist, feel free to contact concrete experts, your local driveway repairs expert in Calgary. Even if you want a driveway replacement you can contact us.

Asphalt repairs

Asphalt repairs can be difficult. But necessary at a certain time to avoid potential problems on the long run. If you’re in need of a driveway repair it’s more cost effective in most cases, to repair on time, to avoid a complete replacement of your driveway. You can contact us for free estimates for crack filling or other ways of driveway repairs. We have years of experience in repairing driveways in Calgary!


About Concrete Experts

Concrete Experts is your local expert for driveway repair service. We live and work in the area, and we are fully aware of the impact that the weather conditions in Calgary may have on your driveway. Nonetheless, it is normal for concrete to sink or crack over time. We will repair your concrete to be prepared for everything. We also have gained a big amount of knowledge and experience over time.

We use concrete lifting foam to fix your driveway. Are you looking for concrete driveway repairs in Calgary? Contact us now! We will get you a free estimate to get your entire driveway repaired!

Also, have a look at our ´before and after´ page, where you can see the work we do for yourself.

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