Garage floor repair Calgary

For cracked and sunken slabs in your garage

Garage floor repair Calgary

Are you looking for a team of professionals that can solve your problems with your garage floor? Concrete Experts is out there to help you! Sunken concrete in the garage is our major expertise. This is a common problem that causes hazards such as not being able to open or close your garage door properly. Are you experiencing this? Stay put! We will tell you all about our services in this article.

Why does my garage floor show cracks

It is common to see cracks in your concrete garage floor after a while. This is something to look out for. When this occurs, it has to be fixed as soon as possible to prevent major carnage further down the line. One of the reasons garage floors sink is because of air pockets in the ground under the floor, or because the soil is being flushed away. As a result, your garage door might become unusable. It can also be more challenging to get in and out of your garage with your car because your garage floor is not even with your driveway.
All of this also comes with the risk of water flowing underneath the concrete floor and causing ongoing damage. How should these problems be treated when they occur?

How our expertise comes into play

Our Concrete Experts use a polyurethane lifting foam to fix your garage floor. We will drill small holes into the floor, which we use to inject the lifting foam underneath the concrete. This will not only lift your sunken concrete but also helps to create a more solid base under the concrete. Afterward, we seal the small holes we made after we have completed the concrete lifting and leveling. After the repairing process, you will have an even level floor again! You will be able to use it as well as directly after the repairing process has taken place.

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Experience and customer satisfaction

Concrete Experts has years of experience with leveling and lifting of concrete. We are based in Calgary and we are active in the area. We pride ourselves on satisfied customers. All you have to do is look at our customer reviews to see how satisfied they are with our services. Our clients can always rely on us. We use the highest quality equipment and products. We make sure your garage floor repair Calgary is a floor of quality once again. You can request a free quote before the start of your project.

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