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All exterior concrete will fade, sink, and degrade over time. This is typically caused by poor drainage, insufficient compaction, heavy use, or normal wear & tear. This leaves you with tripping hazards, poor curb appeal, and even water damage to your home’s foundation. Concrete Experts Calgary can provide you with a free assessment and help you fix these problems. Whether your concrete needs repair, maintenance, restoration, or replacement, we are your specialists!

We pride ourselves on providing you the highest quality products and services in combination with great customer service. At the end of the day, we want you to be as proud of our work as we are.

Concrete Experts Calgary is your professional partner for concrete repair in Calgary and surrounding areas!

Our Services

Concrete Lifting Calgary

Has your concrete settled? Does walking across your concrete present a tripping hazard? Are you concerned about the high cost of concrete replacement? We are happy you’ve found us. We can help you determine the best and most economical option for making your concrete beautiful again. We can fix any concrete: driveways, garages, sidewalks, and pads!

What are the options?

Remove and Replace: This solution is higher cost, less environmentally friendly, but always a beautiful, warrantied finish when Concrete Experts is your professional partner. Learn More About Custom Concrete

Cement Grout (Mudjacking): This is a budget, environmentally friendly option, but leaves larger holes in the concrete and a potential for further concrete settling. Learn more About Mudjacking

Polyurethane Foam: Polyjacking is environmentally friendly, leaves the concrete surface nearly perfect, and almost never needs a re-pump, which we cover under warranty. Learn More About Concrete Lifting and Leveling

Custom Concrete Calgary

Calgary Concrete Repair: Is your driveway missing rocks, chunks, or are layers spalling (coming off in layers)? We can provide a cost-effective solution for your needs.

Custom Projects: If you have an exterior construction or a special project in mind, we are here to help. Get an expert installer for your concrete project: Driveways, Garage Floors, Concrete Patios, Concrete Stairs, Retaining Walls, Foundations, Footings, Home Additions, and Basements.

We are attentive to our clients, with guaranteed communication and transparency throughout the process and high quality results. Learn More About our Custom Concrete Projects

Concrete Sealing Calgary

Our expert opinion is that concrete sealing is absolutely essential to prolonging the life of your concrete. When you seal your concrete, you block contaminants that damage or discolor the surface. Let Concrete Experts seal your concrete!

Regular sealing prevents winter damage, improves durability, and increases the curb appeal of your home!

What About Concrete Oil and Rust Stains, Anti-slip, Chip Repair, and Crack Fill? Our skilled technicians can reduce or even eliminate the surface-level imperfections in your concrete.

Why Concrete Experts? All of our customers are important to us and get our best communication and transaction transparency. Beyond installation, we stand behind our products and resolve issues quickly. We hope you will choose Concrete Experts Ltd for your concrete sealing needs and join our loyal client base. Learn More About Concrete Sealing


Deep Foam Injection Calgary

Sometimes, soil is unable to support the weight of concrete. Most of the time, this happens in areas where the soil was not properly compacted. But sometimes, this is because the entire subgrade fails. This is when deep foam injection is needed.

Material for Deep Foam Injection: We use a very impressive hydrophobic, environmentally friendly material for deep injection with surprising capabilities. Simply put, it is injected deep below the surface to create an artificial root system and support the weight required. Learn More About Deep Foam Injection

Asphalt & Pothole repair

Do you need pothole repair? What about an asphalt rehab? We have the technology and the expertise to provide the best quality asphalt repair and pothole repairs.

We use KM International’s asphalt heating and infared surface preparation technology to make sure asphalt repairs last longer than the surrounding asphalt!

Let us show you what we can do for your asphalt pothole repair needs! Find out more about asphalt repairs by Concrete Experts!

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Causes of concrete settlement

Causes of concrete settlement

Concrete slab settlement often occurs due to the movement or instability of the soil beneath it. This instability can lead to concrete settlement, a common issue in both residential and commercial properties. One of the most visible signs of this problem is sunken...

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Lifting and leveling vs Replacement

Lifting and leveling vs Replacement

Concrete is a durable and long-lasting material, but over time, it can settle, crack, or become uneven due to various reasons. When homeowners or property managers notice these issues, they often face the dilemma of whether to replace the entire concrete slab or opt...

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Concrete Pool Deck: all the information in one place

Concrete Pool Deck: all the information in one place

A concrete pool deck is a desirable decision for many pool owners because of its durability, versatility and low maintenance requirements. They can withstand harsh weather conditions, foot traffic, and the weight of outdoor furniture. Are you looking for a durable and...

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Where to find Concrete Experts Calgary

Concrete Experts Calgary, your specialist for concrete repair is located in the southeast side of Calgary. You can find us at 117 Douglasbank Way SE, Calgary, AB T2Z 1W4, Canada. If you want to get in contact, you can always call our office at (403) 990-3752. Or send us an email at Our hours are Monday through Saturday, 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. On Sunday the office is closed.

For more information about Calgary concrete repair of your garage floor, driveway or for example patio, please get in touch with us. We would love to tell you more about how we can help you.

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Lynette RoslanLynette Roslan
00:32 15 Dec 23
great service, the work performed was as I was expecting. Highly recommended.
19:35 06 Nov 23
Worked with Michael at Concrete ExpertsWe had an agreement that Concrete Experts would arrive at a specific time... to perform some concrete work (we have email correspondence as proof). I wanted to make sure I was home prior the them starting the job to make sure there was no misunderstanding of the work that needed to be done. It was small job which didn't take them long based on my security camera footage.Well, their small amount of time completing the work turned out to over a half day ordeal for us.As we had errands to run earlier in the day, I was not going to be home until 12:30 p.m. and I wanted to make sure I was there to meet them. We had an agreed time that Concrete Experts would be at our home which was 1:00 p.m. After arriving at my home, I tried to gain access to the house through our garage and realized the power breaker was tripped. Stressing out as I knew the concrete company was supposed to arrive at 1:00 pm.After 2 hours, and it now being 3:00 p.m., I decided to call Concrete Experts to see if they were on their way and to let them know that I was having issues getting into the home as I always use the garage door to get in (unable to access the home now as the power in the garage was tripped) so I was unable to open the door.After contacting them, they said they were already at the home in the morning and completed the job!Since they were at my house in the morning (and not at 1:00 p.m like we agreed to) I realized that their crew tripped the power as they used the power outlet outside of the garage (as shown in our security camera footage). A bit coincidental I say.Not only did they trip the power, they didn't have the decency to call me and let me know the power was tripped. The breaker was definitely tripped while they were doing the job. And the door worked when I left!No apology whats so ever. If they just would have owned up to this and apologized that is all I was looking for. Not even offering a 5% discount for inconveniencing my day as I had to find a locksmith a pay premium for an emergency call to gain access to my house and being outside for over 6 hours in extreme heat.Because of the principle of the entire ordeal, I didn't want to pay ANY of the bill. I would have paid if they just called me the day they tripped the breaker and apologized or at least given my a bit of a discount so I could at least recover some of the cost for the lock smith.Yes, they completed the job and yes I owe them for their services, but not even a "Sorry". And they said it was our fault and we should have had an extra key.....Yes, partly my fault but they didn't even have 1% decency to understand the ordeal I went through.Long story short, I paid in FULL as they threatened to put a lien on my house. Poor customer service and ZERO communication with their customers!read more
John WindwickJohn Windwick
00:02 21 Oct 23
Billy and adam did some great work on our driveway, on time, kept me posted throughout andcame back to do a quick... refresh of one area, highly recommend themread more
Pat ChauPat Chau
18:47 20 Oct 23
Stephanie's team did an excellent job on using the polyurethane lift my driveway crack to normal level. Their... details, thorough and carefully workmanship is super!!! Definitely recommend Concrete Experts to family and more
gilma russellgilma russell
17:35 17 Oct 23
18:05 05 Oct 23
Would not hesitate to recommend Concrete Experts to family & friends. We had our front walkway sandblasted to... remove old colour and sealer. The two man crew was efficient and took care to ensure no damage done to surrounding area. The walkway was then cleaned and re-stained. The following day the walkway was sealed. Cost was as quoted and every step was done in a timely manner. All the staff we encountered were friendly and accommodating. We are extremely pleased with the final result. The walkway looks brand new. Thank you!read more
Stephen HowellStephen Howell
22:12 03 Oct 23
Jack and his team did a fantastic job resealing our front walk.It looks better now than when we first installed... it. Good job?read more
John TaylorJohn Taylor
03:33 26 Sep 23
Dallin, Jack and the team did a great job in a timely manner with great communication . They did a major concrete... repair in my garage floor and then turned my salmon pink drive and walkway into an attractive brown. My house now has great curb appeal. Thanks to the many team members who worked on my more
Mike ZagorskyMike Zagorsky
03:07 24 Sep 23
Excellent workmanship at a very competitive price. Poured a new sidewalk, resurfaced a stamped patio poured by... another less capable contractor a couple of years ago, and restored a heavily weathered 40yr old front step to like-new condition. Staff & subcontractors were pros & excellent to deal with…no games, no nonsense.Very happy with the work & would most definitely use them again. Highly more
Dan CullDan Cull
19:18 25 Aug 23
I had them come out to lift a corner of my garage slab, and fill a couple cracks in the pad. They were prompt,... professional, and explained everything in great detail. I couldn't be happier with their customer service and work, and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for similar work!read more
Alison RichardsonAlison Richardson
16:23 25 Jul 23
This company knows how to go above and beyond in the customer relations side of business. Jack and Solomon were... absolutely amazing to deal with.After our first repair/sealing, we had some concerns which were dealt with immediately and now our 19 year old driveway and patio looks incredible!This group is obviously in for the long more
Roland AbesamisRoland Abesamis
00:38 29 Jun 23
Highly recommend Concrete Experts. Bryan and team did a great job of replacing my garage pad and lifting my... driveway. All crews (demolition, lifting, pouring, sealing) were fast and the job was done before schedule. Very professional crews that showed up on time and kept the street clean and tidy. The whole process (quoting, installation, payment) was smooth with great more
Clean-up Crew LtdClean-up Crew Ltd
03:26 21 Jun 23
A huge shout out to Jack and his crew at Concrete Experts. They made our stamped concrete look like new. It was a... pleasure to work with a company that did what they said they were going to do. No BS.We highly recommend they guys at Concrete Experts. A 12 out of 10 in our books.Stu & Heatherread more
20:20 07 Jun 23
Had estimator come out for an estimate May 26th, arrived earlier than expected. Waited over 10 days and still no... quote, called multiple times for a follow up and still nothing. Will be taking my business more
Frank GiesbrechtFrank Giesbrecht
20:01 31 Jul 22
They made my 23 year old driveway, sidewalk and patio look terrific. Happy with the mudjacking too. We really... enjoy our outside lower level now. The result is far better than more

FAQ about Concrete Repair Calgary

Can a concrete driveway be repaired?

If the cracks are not too extensive, it may be possible to fix the concrete driveway. Repairs such as filling cracks and holes, mending holes, and leveling portions that have shifted or sunken are common. If the damage is more serious, it is vital to have a specialist analyze the situation in order to choose the best way to proceed. It is possible that repaving the entire driveway rather than attempting to repair it will be the more cost-effective option in certain circumstances.

Why choose to get concrete slabs repaired instead of replacing them?

It may be possible to achieve both cost savings and increased productivity by repairing concrete slabs rather than replacing them. By opting for this strategy, the already-existing foundation can be maintained, and there will be less need for demolition and disposal. In addition, repairs are typically finished far more rapidly than replacements, which means less downtime for the business or the homeowner. If a concrete slab is in generally good shape but has a few spots where damage has occurred, repairing the slab is another option that is a suitable decision.

What method is used for concrete repair?

Concrete repair methods include resurfacing, patching, and crack injection. Resurfacing involves applying a new layer of concrete over the old surface to improve its appearance and function. Patching is used to repair small areas of damage, such as holes or cracks. Crack injection is a method used to repair cracks that have formed in the concrete. Concrete lifting is a method of raising and leveling sunken or settled concrete without the need for full replacement. This method is recommended by Concrete Experts because it can be completed quickly and is less disruptive than full replacement.

Can badly damaged concrete be repaired?

Concrete can be harmed by a number of different factors, including the elements, normal wear and tear, and movement in the earth. Even if some of the damage can be fixed, there are some instances in which the damage can be so severe that fixing it would not be financially viable. In order to decide if it is more cost-effective to repair or replace anything, an expert evaluation is required. Let us know if you would like to know whether your badly concrete can be repaired.

What is the price for concrete repair in Calgary?

The size and complexity of the project will determine how much it will cost to repair concrete in Calgary. The state of the existing concrete, the materials and labor needed, and whether the repair is being done as part of a larger project are all variables that can affect the cost. After inspecting the project site and speaking with the homeowner or company owner about the unique requirements of the project, we will be able to give a more precise estimate.