Concrete Experts Ltd. (also known as Concrete Experts) is providing an estimate. Client shall pay Concrete Experts as set forth in the estimate. Price is subject to change, with customer’s approval, if the void under the slab is greater than anticipated. If the crew is turned away from the jobsite or less than 24 hour prior cancelation notification is given, the customer will be responsible payment of $100.
    Concrete Experts shall invoice Client upon completion of the Work. Full payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. Client shall also pay to Concrete Experts a late charge of 2% per month on all balances unpaid 30 days after the invoice date. If client fails to pay as agreed, Concrete Experts will place a lien on the title of the property at the owner’s expense. All legal fees associated with this, along with 2% interest per day will be owed to Concrete Experts.
    On concrete over 2 years old, Concrete Experts will repump once, in a fifteen year period, if necessary, any areas that have resettled more than a ¼”. A repump constitutes using the same holes. There will be a $100.00 service fee for the truck to return for a repump or any other reason. This guarantee does not include patches applied to or placed between the slabs. This guarantee is void if the customer does not seal all cracks and joints on the slabs or maintain BACKFILL along the slabs involved or if resettling occurs as a result of flooding, ants, underground springs, a preexisting drainage condition or other acts of God.
    Where there is a drainage condition or backfill issue, evidence needs to be emailed to bryantagg [@] gmail.com such as receipts or pictures of drainage issues resolved in order to qualify for our warranty.
    In no event shall Concrete Experts Ltd. be liable to client or any third-party for incidental or consequential damages (Including, without limitation, claims for loss of business or lost profits) resulting from or arising out of the work.
    A. CONCRETE EXPERTS is not responsible for landscaping, damage to plumbing or electrical, cracks in slabs, floor or walls or any damage which has occurred or might occur as a result of the settling or the CONCRETE LIFTING process. If the concrete cannot be RAISED and must be replaced, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to replace it at current replacement cost. |
    B. CONCRETE EXPERT’s maximum liability to client for the work, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, is $500.00 or the amount paid to Concrete Experts Ltd. for the work, whichever is greater. It is expressly agreed that the client’s sole and exclusive remedy against CONCRETE EXPERTS for the work performed under this agreement, whether based in contract, tort or otherwise, is the award of damages not to exceed the stipulated $500.00 figure, or the amount paid to CONCRETE EXPERTS for the work, whichever is greater.
    Owner to carry fire, tornado and other necessary insurance on above work. Concrete Experts to carry Workmen’s Compensation Insurance.
    This Agreement shall be construed and governed under the laws of the Province of Alberta, without application of conflict of law principles. All actions or counterclaims regarding the enforcement or interpretation of this Agreement shall be initiated and prosecuted exclusively in the province of Alberta. Concrete Experts and Client both agree to waive their rights to use the courts of Alberta, and instead agree to use mediation and binding arbitration with the arbitrator deciding who should pay for the arbitration.
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