Colour Restoration & Sealing

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Jack Davis

Sealing & Colour Restoration Division Manager



Sealing Service Guide

Before Service Starts:

  • Concrete Experts will send a confirmation email a few days in advance to confirm your service date and crew arrival time. We do not reschedule due to weather until the day of in most cases, as this results in the least amount of wasted workdays.
  • On each service date, the crew will text you to let you know they are on their way.
  • Please remove all furniture and decorations.
  • Park needed vehicles on the street, if applicable.
  • Please shut off or adjust any automatic sprinklers in order to keep the concrete dry during & between service dates.
  • Trim or tie back all plants that overhang and touch the concrete.
  • Ensure water is accessible and turned on.

Day 1:

  • The crew will clean the concrete, take care of any minor stains, and any added prep services.
  • The driveway, if applicable, will be blocked with flagging tape to prevent access.
  • Feel free to walk on the concrete, but please keep it clean & dry.


(Additional service day, depending on project):

  • If you opted for your concrete to have an accent colour or stain applied, it will be done after the concrete is dry following the wash (or sandblasting).
  • Feel free to walk on the concrete, but please keep it clean & dry.


Day 2:

  • Prior to crew arrival, close all windows and doors to keep out the initial strong scent.
  • Before sealing, we will complete any requested wet-look crack repair or patching.
  • We will then apply the selected sealer with any requested additives, such as anti-slip granules.


After Service is Complete:

  • The strong scent will fade after 30-60 minutes.
  • Light foot traffic after 2 hours, decorations after 24 hours, and vehicles after 36 hours. Wait times are longer when temperatures are below 15 degrees.
Product Information

Art of Concrete Acrylic Penetrating Sealer

SureCrete HS200 Acrylic Penetrating Sealer

TK Salt Protector Plus

Roadware MatchCrete Clear

SureCrete Eco Accent

SureCrete Eco Stain

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is the sealer applied?

The sealer is applied with a combination of brush (for tight areas), roller (for areas near buildings and plants), and sprayer (for all other areas). All areas are back rolled to ensure evenness, and overspray is always avoided.

How long will the sealer last?

Sealer appearance should last through at least one winter and performance should last about two to three winters. Salt/chemical use, abrasion, traffic, sun contact, and other factors can reduce both appearance and performance.

When is it time to seal again?

Sealer should be reapplied when surface no longer sheds water or surface sealer appears faded.