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Concrete contractors in Calgary are not that many. When you find the right concrete contractor and you want to be able to get the right concrete services, you are lucky.

Here at Concrete Experts Calgary, our concrete services are focused on ensuring that our projects are completed in time and with the right process. We would like every single person who is a part of our team to make sure that our client would get professional services every single time they get our service.


Concrete Contractors in Calgary

Concrete contractors in Calgary that offer the right experience are hard to find. Concrete Experts was founded in 2014 by Bryan Tagg. He noticed that many homeowners and businesses needed repairs for sunken or cracked concrete. While there were several concrete lifting and leveling companies, it was difficult to find a provider with high quality work, communication, and delivery.

By meeting all of the client’s needs, Concrete Experts quickly became a dominant provider for polyurethane foam leveling and lifting. Since then, Concrete Experts has brought it’s business model into other concrete professional services: custom quality concrete work, concrete sealing, and deep foam injection.

We have all of the things that you may need for your concrete project. Our services are professional and Calgary concrete needs are addressed better with the right service that only Concrete Experts can offer you and your home.


What Do We Have To Offer?

Concrete Experts Calgary offers the best concrete services for our clients and so much more. Our services are localized to meet Calgary concrete and we aim to make sure that we provide quality concrete products and services.

Our family owned business aims to mix the right concrete company standards with the experience of a team of professionals. Our concrete contracting company wants to make the next project match the workmanship that you have been looking for. We want our projects to always come stamped with approval.


Concrete Leveling & Lifting

One of the main services that is offered by Concrete Experts Calgary is Concrete Lifting and Leveling. If you have seen that your concrete has settled and present a tripping hazard, it is now time to act on it. Concrete replacement may be beyond your budget, especially for a project in Alberta.


Excellent Workmanship

Here are Concrete Experts Calgrary, we can work on your driveway, your concrete patios, garage, basement floors, and basically everything that you may need in terms of economically dealing with driveway concrete problems. Our quality workmanship is  topnotch and exciting. We use quality materials to get your residential area or commercial concrete projects perfectly leveled.


Options Are Available

You have many options in these aspects: you can remove and replace your concrete and customize it now based on the specific weather condition and use of the area that needs work, you can do cement grout or mudjacking, or you can use polyurethane foam.

As a concrete company, we can present you with the best options of what we think will work well with your specific needs.


Concrete Sealing

Concrete Sealing is another service that we offer as a concrete company. If you think that you may need to get some crack repair done at your property and you want some exposed aggregate cement removed, Concrete Experts Calgary is here for you.


Crack Repair Calgary

Crack repair is a service that we have for our clients. As a concrete company, we specialize in providing expert and professional service that would ensure proper concrete sealing and crack repair in your property. We know what it feels like to see a crack at home. Do not try to do anything about it, get our services to help you out.

If your driveway is missing rocks, chunks, or are layers spalling, you already need an expert to look at it and see to it that it continues to function properly. We can help you deal with the problem and we will make sure that you get a quality concrete job done in Calgary, Alberta.


Custom Concrete Work & Concrete Repair Calgary

If you think that you need custom concrete work done, for example repairing concrete driveways, you are in the right place. Our team of professionals can help you with your specific needs and you do not have to worry too much about how you can get things done.


Filling Voids Under Cement

Stamped Concrete, Decorate Concrete, and whatever concrete project you may have is in the right hands with our services. Our services are available even in SE Calgary, SW Calgary, and in some areas in Alberta. All you have to do is contact us.


Deep Foam Injection

We use a very impressive hydrophobic, environmentally friendly material for deep injection with surprising capabilities. Simply put, it is injected deep below the surface to create an artificial root system and support the weight required. Concrete driveways are repaired this way in a few hours and its cheaper than replace concrete driveways.


Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate, problems with cracks, and all problems related to your concrete patios, driveway, or garage pads should be addressed by a professional concrete contractor. You need to stop relying on do it yourself projects and get someone professional to check your concrete driveway. This is the only way that you can ensure that your property’s foundation is taken care of.


Pouring Driveways, Sidewalks, Garages, and Pads

Your concrete driveway, garage pads, patio, and any other concrete projects you may have in NW Calgary need top quality construction. Gone are the days when you rely on yourself to do a project. You need to get professional help if you are going to make quality progress.

A BBB registered business with great reviews and does an excellent job everytime is exactly what you need in your construction needs. We have worked on many driveways and have ensured that we do everything in our power to process requests and custom projects properly every single time we accept a job. We are a family and we are always ready to help our clients with our expert crew.


Polyurethane Jacking and Mudjacking

Raising cement with polyurethane foam is finished with steady, controlled infusions. Lifting foam will completely extend inside 10-15 seconds. It enables the utensil to screen the raise and anticipates over raising the piece.

HMI proposes utilizing air cleansed gear to convey foam under the chunk. This hardware will keep the infusion port open between infusions, taking into account the installer to sit tight for the foam to completely extend before infusing progressively material.


Concrete Services in Calgary AB

Concrete services in Calgary AB are better with Concrete Experts. Our professional services are always here for you and your concrete needs. Whether your need is a stamped concrete or a decorative concrete, we are here to help and provide our professional services. NE Calgary AB concrete professional services are within reach through the services that we have to offer.


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Concrete Experts Calgary is just a call away. Our quality workmanship and our experienced concrete specialists would not let you down. Let our experienced commercial, residential, and custom work speak for itself. We are always here for our clients. Whatever the budget may be, whether you want a functional or a decorative experience with us, we are here for you and your project.

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