Wintertime in Calgary, and Canada in general for that matter, can be hard on your concrete surfaces. Snow and ice can build up. And the harsh conditions can create problems, like damage to your concrete driveway or sidewalk. It can also cause slippery surfaces that can be dangerous for example for your family, people walking by or your employees. So it’s only logical that you want to get rid of the snow and ice. When you want to prevent snow and ice to cause problems to your concrete, it is important to look for ways that won’t damage your concrete. Did you know that for example salt can cause great damage? As do some ice melting products.

How to melt snow and ice in a way that is safe for your concrete

Salting a surface is a common way to prevent ice on a surface. Although it seems a quick solution, it can also damage the concrete. It can cause it to pit and eventually crack or break. Some ice melt products also have salt in it. Fortunately there are other solutions to melt the snow and ice that are safe for a concrete surface. Let’s have a closer look at some safer alternatives.

Use a shovel

Oke, this is a laborious job, but a safe way to get your concrete snow free is to use a shovel. We recommend using a plastic shovel to prevent damage to the concrete. The only downside to using a shovel is that sometimes it is not effective enough to remove all the ice. Especially when the ice is stuck.

Alternative materials

There are different alternative materials for ice melt products that are safe for your concrete. You can use for example sand, wood chips, coffee grounds or even kitty litter. These materials will create traction and not cause any harm to your concrete. If you want to use environmentally friendly material that is also safe for pets, you can choose a natural kitty litter without any chemicals and toxins in it. It is recommended to place these materials on your concrete surface prior to snowfall.

Heated mats

For smaller areas like stairs you can try heated snow-melting mats. You can easily place them on the steps. And for sure they will not harm the surface. If you want to go big, you can also install a heated driveway that will avoid the ice and snow to damage the concrete.

If in springtime you do notice some damage to your concrete, don’t hesitate to call us. We can assist you in the Calgary area with all your concrete problems. With many years of experience, we can help you lift and level the cracked or sunken concrete at both residential and commercial properties. Just contact us to receive a free estimate.