What are the signs of concrete settlement?

by | Last updated Oct 31, 2020 | Published on Oct 31, 2020 | Concrete Settling

What are the signs of concrete settlement?

It is no secret that over time a concrete slab can sink or crack, simply because the soil underneath it can’t support the weight any longer. This is called concrete settlement. In another post we already spoke about the reasons that causes sinking concrete. But today we will tell you what the signs are to look for concrete settlement. So you can take action before it only gets worse.

Concrete settlement: Check for cracks and uneven slabs

It is important that you check your concrete driveway or for example sidewalk, regularly for cracks. Do you notice hairline cracks? That can be the first sign of concrete settlement. When you notice cracks are getting longer or wider over time, this can be a sign of shifting. The form can differ from different small cracks to one large one.

Spot uneven concrete slabs

If you notice your concrete is starting to get uneven, this can also be a sign of concrete settlement. This can also create a tripping hazard. Most of the time the soil underneath the concrete slab can’t support the concrete any more or is shrinking because it has dried. The difference can grow slowly, so check if you see any differences in the level of your concrete driveway.

Look for voids underneath soil

If there are voids in the soil underneath the concrete, this can cause the concrete to sink or crack. If you want to spot voids you can tap on the concrete. This sounds strange, but the sound is different when there is a void. It has a hollow boom sound.

Sticking Windows and doors

One of the effects of concrete settlement can be sticking windows and doors. Sinking concrete can have effects on your windows and doors, where they fall out of square. Of course sticking windows don’t automatically mean your concrete is sinking. It can also just be a case of humidity or parts of the frame being worn out. You can check this by placing a level on the top of the frame. If the frame isn’t level anymore, this can be caused by concrete settlement.

Contact an expert

It is important to spot the signs of concrete settlement early on. So you can take action before it continues to become a serious problem or cause damage. You can always contact Concrete Experts to get advice about what solutions there are for your specific situation! We can help you understand the reason behind the concrete settlement and fix this for you with our concrete leveling service.