How to Properly Maintain a Concrete Driveway

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In Calgary, AB, properly maintaining a concrete driveway can help it last a lot longer. Though snow and other weather conditions can wear on the concrete, with proper care and attention, it will last for many years. Homeowners can follow the steps here to make sure they’re caring for the driveway, so it continues to look great and avoids significant issues.

Clean the Concrete Yearly

The concrete should be cleaned yearly to remove any algae, mildew, dirt and other build-ups. It will help the driveway look clean and new again. Pressure washing is one way to clean it, but care needs to be taken to prevent damaging the concrete. If any areas are already cracking, fix those first before pressure washing to avoid making them worse.

Remove Oil or Other Stains Quickly

Although yearly cleaning will help, if there are oil stains or other stains on the driveway, they should be cleaned up quickly. Otherwise, the oil can stain the concrete, and it will be difficult to remove. You can use a commercial degreaser for cleaning. Use the degreaser and a densely bristled brush along with water to scrub the oil spot until it fades as much as possible.

Power Washing a Concrete Driveway

Repair Small Cracks When They Appear

Over time, the ground under the driveway can expand and contract and cause cracks in the driveway. These cracks will get bigger with time and allow weeds to grow in the driveway. If any small cracks are noticeable, the homeowner should repair them as soon as possible. It can be done with specialty products, or the homeowner can hire a specialist to ensure the repair is done correctly.

Seal the Concrete Regularly

Concrete driveways should be sealed to help protect them. The sealant protects the concrete from the chemicals used on roadways during snowy conditions. For Calgary, it’s recommended to have the driveway sealed around 30 days after the installation and to have it resealed every one to two years to provide maximum protection. Sealing can be handled by a specialist, so it’s done quickly, and the driveway can be used again.

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Avoid Ice Melt Products

When it’s snowing, it’s tempting to use ice melt products on the driveway to clear it without having to shovel. While shovelling needs to be done carefully to prevent damage to the concrete, it is the best way to keep it free from snow. The ice melt products can damage the concrete and cause low spots, cracking, or other issues. Alternatives like sand, coffee grounds, or kitty litter can help make the driveway less slippery without needing to resort to harsh chemicals.

If you’re in Calgary, AB and have a concrete driveway, proper maintenance is going to enable you to get more years out of it. Use the tips here to keep the driveway in fantastic shape and ensure it lasts as long as possible. For any repairs or to have a new driveway installed to replace an ageing one, contact concrete specialists today. They can restore or replace the driveway and give you more information on how to care for it.

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