My Basement Flooded. What Should I Do?

by | Last updated Feb 17, 2021 | Published on Sep 23, 2020 | Polyurethane concrete lifting

What to do when your basement has flooded? | Flooded basement repair Calgary

Nobody wants to experience walking into the basement to see it completely flooded. But it can happen to everybody. And can make you feel helpless. But don’t worry. We will give you more information about what can cause a flooded basement, what actions you can take and who you can call if you notice a crack in the floor.

Reasons why a basement can flood

Let’s first see why water can flood your basement. There are different points in your basement where water can enter. If these parts are not waterproof, water can flood in your basement from almost any point. We will take a look at some of these points.

  • Stairways – if the entrance of the stairway to the basement is not effectively made waterproof, water can stream down the stairs.
  • Windows – if you have windows in your basement, it is also important to waterproof them, so water that is poring against the window can’t enter.
  • Wall cracks – even the smallest cracks in your wall can cause leaking from the
    outside to your basement.
  • Floor cracks – your basement floor is another point where water can be leaking through.
  • Plumbing failure – a burst water pipe can rapidly full up your basement like a swimming pool.

Actions to take with a flooded basement

If you are experiencing a flooded basement, of course you want to get this fixed as soon as possible. Not only to get rid of the water and get your basement dry, but also to fix the problems that are causing the flooding. So first, try to see what causes the water leakage. Make sure you shut off any power in your basement.


Be careful!

Stay away from electrical devices and don’t touch any wires. It is important to stay safe. Rubber boots and gloves will also help. And you want to avoid slipping in the flooded area.

Once you have determined the source of the water leakage, you can take action. If for example a busted pipe is the reason, shut off the water to the basement. Also, it is important to remove the water from the basement. Maybe a bucket is enough, but if there is more water you might need a pump or vacuum. And once the basement is free of water, you can remove the items that you kept there to a dry, ventilated area. Let them dry, for example in a sunny place.

Flooded basement repair Calgary

Once you have located the source of the leakage you can take action, so you want to get the leakage fixed. Not just temporarily, but of course permanently so it won’t happen again. If a crack in the floor is the cause of the water leakage, Concrete Experts is here to help you out. We use a lightweight concrete lifting foam to fix cracks and sunken slabs in your concrete floor. Contact us to get a free quote.