Alternative to mudjacking

If your driveway, steps, or sidewalks are sunken and cracked, the chances are you’ve begun searching for solutions. After all, you want to avoid tripping hazards and drainage problems with the foundation. Mudjacking is the traditional method of raising and levelling sunken and cracked concrete. But some Calgary concrete companies provide other ways to solve your problem. Polyurethane concrete lifting is a good alternative. It takes the original concept of mudjacking, but modernises and improves it. Want to find out why concrete lifting with concrete lifting foam is a good alternative to mudjacking? We will give you 4 reasons. Contact us if you want to find out more!


Concrete Stairs and Walkway

1. Polyurethane is Lightweight

Concrete mixtures used in traditional mudjacking are heavy. Most Calgary concrete companies use mudjacking mixtures that consist of mud and concrete and weigh 50 times more than polyurethane solution. Because of the concrete component, traditional mudjacking is only a temporary fix as the same pressures that wore down the original concrete slabs will eventually cause the raised concrete to fall and sink in the same way. Polyurethane foam is lightweight but is very strong once it is set and will not sink over time. It’s a solid alternative to mudjacking. 

2. Polyurethane is Water Resistant

In Calgary, we are no strangers to the power of water and the devastation of flooding. Polyurethane foam used by some Calgary concrete companies does not retain water; it is essentially water resistant. When water seeps into the holes made by mudjacking, the concrete and mud composition used in traditional mudjacking soaks up the water causing expansion and deformation that could result in additional cracking and sinking. Polyurethane foam is hydrophobic and is so resistant to water that it is the preferred material used in the repairing of sea walls.

Polyurathane Jacking Waterproof Concrete
Polyurathane Jacking Durable Roads

3. Polyurethane is Durable

Perhaps the best perk of polyurethane foam is its durability. Water is not the only enemy to concrete; extreme temperature changes can also take their toll. The laws of nature state that most things will expand when exposed to high temperatures and contract under exposure to low temperatures. Polyurethane defies the laws of nature and holds its shape regardless of the climate. Because it is non-absorbent, polyurethane foam is impermeable to the crazy weather patterns we experience so often in Calgary. When you’re looking to hire a Calgary concrete company, you may want to ask if they offer polyurethane concrete lifting services; it could save you additional headaches and stress during the cold winter months and offers a great alternative to mudjacking.

4. Polyurethane is Certified Material

HMI is the leading supplier of concrete lifting and polyurethane products and materials. Polyurethane has a shelf life so, at HMI, the products are generally made to order meaning they are fresh and of the highest quality. The polyurethane foam is also made in the USA using manufacturing best practices. Not only do they supply the product, but HMI also offers training and certification. When you’re looking for a concrete company in Calgary that offers polyurethane concrete lifting, look for a company that is HMI certified.

Polyurathane Jacking Certified Contracts

Concrete lifting foam: a great alternative to mudjacking

Mudjacking has its benefits but it is mostly only a temporary fix. If you want results that are lasting with the added benefit of being certified and sustainable, choose polyurethane concrete lifting the next time your sidewalk is sinking or your foundation is cracking. Concrete Experts provides a range of concrete services including concrete lifting and levelling and custom concrete work. We only use certified HMI materials so give us a call today and experience the polyurethane difference.