Bryan Tagg is the owner and operator of Concrete Experts Ltd. and has been so for the past seven years. His day might be typical for a concrete lifting expert but it is definitely surprising day in and day out.

The day starts at 5 in the morning, at the latest 6 in the morning. For many people, this is the time for them to run some errands and do what they can for their health and personal stuff. For Bryan, his day begins by looking at his schedule or seeing the job that he is doing for the day. After doing his morning rituals, and handling his business properly, the client is the next person on his mind. Let us look at some of the things that he usually does on a typical day as a concrete lifting expert.

What are the steps you take once you are at a client’s house?
I usually knock on the door first, let them know we are there. We go over the process with the client and ask if they have any questions. Do the work. Do a once over to make sure client is happy and then invoice if they are. And if they are not, we get back to work. Our priority is to get the work done and have a satisfied customer!

Do you ever encounter a situation that surprises you?
Every once in a while. There is always something new that I have not seen before. Building practices have varied over the last several decades and we have to adjust to different practices. For example, one time we were trying to take out a “small” curb and discovered that it went 8 feet deep instead of a typical 1 to 2 feet. It was quite a bit deeper than expected but we made it work.

Another time we were lifting an approach and kept pushing the ground down. It had compressed 4 feet of ground before we could get it to lift. We later found out that it was right next to an underground parkade that had been backfilled 50 feet deep. Typical compaction is usually only an inch when we inject polyurethane.

With how many people do you normally work on a project? Is it just you?
There are usually 2 to 3 people, including myself and one or two people.

How do you prepare a quote for a potential client?
I check my notes to see if there is anything special that needs to be done. We have a standard routine but we always adjust if there are any special needs.

What time does your workday finish?
The workday ends when I fall asleep, that is the only time that I can rest my head from the work of the day.

What is the best part about your job?
Satisfaction of fixing something or making something better. When the client is happy that also makes me even more satisfied.

What are the challenges you faced?
There are a couple of challenges that I have faced when dealing with clients, they are the following:

  • Maintaining a high level of communication;
  • Observing hazards and potential problems to overcome; and
  • Keeping prices competitive while not losing money on the job.

Any last words you would like to add?
Another thing I enjoy is finding the most efficient and best way to do something. This involves researching new methods and ways of doing things. Anytime there is a problem I think about how I could fix it and sometimes this is how I expand my business operations.

Can you use the help of Bryan and his team? They are experts in concrete lifting and leveling as well as concrete sealing. You can always contact them for more information, a request for a visit or a free quote.